Clever Ways to Clean with Lemon

Lemon is a great natural cleaning ingredient, due to the fact that it is acidic, therefore it can break down fat. Moreover, it is also wonderful for getting rid of bad smells.

Here’s an interesting cleaning use for lemons: you can use it when your wooden cutting board needs a “refreshment”.

If you don’t clean it properly there are some ingredients whose smells will get deep into the wood. Such ingredients are fish, raw meat, onion or garlic.

Here’s how you clean your cutting board using a lemon: get a lemon and cut it in half. For the next step you will need either sea salt or baking soda. Baking soda is better. It also helps with getting rid of smells. Sprinkle some baking soda on the cutting board and also on each half of lemon. Get each half, one at a time, and rub the cutting board all over, until you cannot get any use of the lemon. Generously rinse and now you have a clean cutting board which does not smell anymore.

Without water we cannot wash anything. Therefore, water is indispensable when we talk about cleaning. Boiled water is even better because it gets the hardened grease or food remains softer so that they can easily be wiped.

Here’s a great cleaning tip involving water and lemons: Slice a couple of lemons and put them in a microwave-proof bowl. Fill the bowl with water. Put it in the microwave for a minute or two at full power. You get double use out of this, because the steam produced helps with the sticky food residues inside the microwave, making it easier for you to clean them out without rubbing too much, and you can also use the liquid to clean with. Especially if you add some baking soda in. You can use it on greasy pans, for example. Or to clean greasy kitchen cabinets.