How To Clean And Sanitize Your Beauty Utensils

Women try to look perfect from head to toe and to do that they have unimaginable beauty routines. To apply their beauty routine they use all kind of utensils that need to be properly cleaned and sanitize. Here are some examples of how to do that for some common beauty utensils.


To disinfect your leg shaving kit, after every use, rinse with lots of hot water and use a brush to get all the hair out. Rinse with rubbing alcohol and then rinse the rubbing alcohol off to prevent the blade from rusting. NEVER leave it soaked in water. Wipe thoroughly and leave dry.

To clean your makeup brushes, wash them with hot water and shampoo. Rinse them, dry them by wiping them on a soft cloth. Put them, head down, in a glass with liquid makeup removal so that the head of the brush is submerged. Leave them in there for a few minutes and then swirl around to help get all the makeup out. Leave them to dry flat on a soft cloth. Before you do that, try to give them their shape back using your fingers.

To clean your hair brush, again, wash with hot water, but add some baking soda. The baking soda is added to get rid of the hair grease caught at the base of the hair brush. You can also use shampoo. Use anything long and thin to get to the base of the brush and get all the hair caught and tangled in there.

To clean your beauty blender, submerge it in a recipient with plenty of liquid makeup remover and squeeze for a few times. Get it out and wash it in hot water with some shampoo. Submerge it in a bowl with water and place it in the microwave for a minute at full capacity, to kill all germs. Do not squeeze it as soon as you get it out of the microwave or you will burn yourself. Leave it to cool down for a few minutes. After cooling down, get it out, squeeze out as much of the water you can and leave it to completely dry before using it again.
How to clean and sanitize your beauty and makeup utensils