How To Clean Hood Filters

The secret to efficiently washing metal hood filters is the soaking method. You need to use the right soaking soapy water in order to soften the greasy deposits and make it easier to wash them out. Here’s a method to clean your hood filters with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

You will need baking soda, boiling water, a scrub brush and paper towels. An absorbent cloth or towel you can spare would be useful, as well.

Take out the hood filters, place them in the sink or tub if you can’t fit the filters in your sink, and pour boiling water on them until they’re submerged in it. Add baking soda and move the filters around to dissolve it in the water (make sure you use something other than your hand to move around the filters, to avoid burning yourself). Leave the filters to soak until you can keep you hand in the water.

After the water cools down to a normal temperature, get the brush and start brushing off the deposits. You can use a tooth-brush if you don’t have a larger brush. Be gentle because if you’re too rough you can break the filters. And you wouldn’t want that.

You can also put in some dish soap since its main purpose is to clean grease off the dishes, meaning that it is quite helpful in our cleaning process, as well.

Rinse and dry off. Depending on the hood model, you may or may not have an extra fabric filter. That needs to be replaced. You cannot wash that.

It is recommended to clean the filters at least once a month or as often as necessary.