How To Clean Your Mattress To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects which can cause a lot of problems for humans. They can cause skin rashes, they may also cause psychological issues, and allergic reactions, so is important to know how to make them disappear.

This little nightmares have been around humans for thousands of years. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide we expire when breathing and also by our body heath. They’re also ingenious. When they’re not hiding in, around and beneath the mattress, they find cover in tight, small places that keep dark, such as the inside of plugs. Therefore, you might want to check there, as well, to make sure that you get all of them. Just make sure you ask someone who knows what they’re doing to do that.

To make sure you get rid of the eggs from your bed sheets, use water and baking soda. Soak them for at least one hour in a basin with hot water in which you add baking soda and then wash them as usual.

Now that you got the sheets done, it’s time to take care of the mattress.

Here’s how to clean a mattress to get rid of bed bugs, dust mites, stains and to deodorize:

For this step, you also need baking soda. But first, you need to vacuum it. After you do that, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on and rub it well. You can mix the baking soda with the essential oil of your choice. This will help with getting rid of the smell, if there is any.

Vacuum again. Make sure you repeat the process on the other side. Also, make sure you clean and vacuum under the bed, as well, to ensure the complete success of the operation of getting rid of bed bugs.