How To Properly Clean Your Jeans And Bra

You can ruin your favorite pair of jeans if you don’t wash them properly. They’re one clothing item which requires special attention. Another item needing special attention is your bra. The rash that comes out of not properly washing it is not something a woman would want to experience.

How to properly wash your jeans:

First of all, clothing experts say that jeans do not need washing. And, perhaps, that is true. But what about when you spill something on them or when it’s muddy outside and your splash them in the back?

Make sure you get them inside out before getting them in the washing machine. Or if you hand wash them. Either way.

Make sure you set the machine at the lightest possible cycle and do not use a ton of laundry detergent. Set the temperature at the lowest, but not cold.

Also, when the spinning starts, keep your eyes on the time. Leave them for only one minute. If this process is too aggressive, it will discolor the jeans.

If there’s still water in the jeans and it’s dripping, gently squeeze the jeans, but make sure to straighten the material before hanging them up to dry. Otherwise, you will need to iron them, and that’s not indicated either.

Take care of your jeans this way and they will last you a very long time.

How to properly wash your bra?

Always use the delicate cycle and a delicate laundry detergent. Also, do not use too much softener.

Place the bra(s) in a zip-up mesh bag to avoid the hooks and straps getting tangles between them or ripping off one of your other bras in there.

Double rinse them. And leave them flat or hang them to dry.

You can also avoid washing your bra in the washer with laundry detergent if you rinse it once every other day only with water, in the shower.How to properly clean your jeans and bra to avoid skin rash