How To Properly Wash Your Gym Clothes

Most gym clothes are made of neoprene or other neoprene mixed fabrics. And it is not recommended to wash them in the washing machine. How to properly clean them, then?

First of all, let’s see what neoprene is: it is a fabric made of synthetic rubber that acts as a sauna for the skin, helping it to sweat the toxins and fat away.

Why it is not good to wash neoprene in the washing machine?

Because the texture of the fabric resembles that of a sponge, meaning that it could easily rip and get ruined. And let’s face it, these kind of clothes are not cheap. Therefore, no ones wants that.

How to safely wash them?

The answer is by hand and be gentle. Wash only with warm water, if possible and if the clothes are not very dirty. Avoid squeezing too hard when trying to get the excess water out. Or you will end up ripping them.

Maybe you did some exercises in the park and you got some grass stains on them. In this case you need to use a small quantity of detergent and softener. This will allow you to efficiently clean the dirt off.

You can keep them clean by rinsing them after every use and don’t squeeze at all. Just let them hang somewhere outside or over the bathtub or wherever the water can drip away. Outside is best because that way the dripping water doesn’t bother you and the wind takes care of drying them faster.

Other gym clothes fabrics includes polyester, which also acts as a sauna. The difference between polyester and neoprene is that throw neoprene the skin can breathe and it retains the perspiration, while the polyester creates a heat barrier and traps in the heat, not permitting air to get in or the skin to breath.

Polyester weight loss clothes can be easily cleaned by wiping them with antibacterial tissues/wipes.