How To Properly Wash Your Underwear

Skin rashes caused by underwear or bra are the worse kind of skin rashes, especially due to the areas they’re located. How to prevent from encountering this problem? Take into account the following advice and you will forget about these kind of rushes.

First of all, make sure you’re not allergic to the fabric they’re made of. Therefore, when out buying them, make sure you read the label.

Next tip, perhaps the most valuable, is to wash them before using them, even though they’re new. Although you just bought them, they’re crawling with germs as they were touched by dozens of hands before you bought them.

Even worse, some stores even let people try them on before buying. And the ones that didn’t fit ended right back on sale and probably in your hands.

Because underwear touches areas of your body that are so sensitive, it is also important how you wash them.

The best way to wash underwear is by hand. Because doing so, you control the amount of detergent they get in contact with and especially the rinsing process. 90% of the time skin rashes cause by underwear are due to detergent residues. Therefore make sure you generously rinse. Also, give special attention to your bra. If you own a push-up bra, or a bra with a thick sponge inside, that can hold a large amount of detergent residues, make sure you rinse it properly.

Also, to kill any bacteria that may have gotten on the underwear prior to getting in your hands, you can use baking soda. Before hand-washing them, you can soak them for 10 to 15 minutes in water with baking soda.