How To Whiten Your Teeth And Avoid Bad Breath

If you want to whiten and clean your teeth at home, there are several ingredients that can help you. Most of these homemade remedies are based on baking soda, sea salt, lemon, coconut oil, charcoal, turmeric or strawberries.

How to prevent yellow, black or brown sports on your teeth?

Always remember to rinse after drinking acidic drinks such as lemonade or drinks which may stain your teeth such as wine or coffee. Experts say that it is better to rinse with water and wipe with a clean tissue. If you wash your teeth after drinking wine/coffee it is believed that the brush will ease the acid’s job of getting through your teeth’s enamel.

The rule applies also if you eat sweets or drink sugary drinks. Sugar is the number one enemy of your oral hygiene.

Why is sugar bad for your teeth?

Well, the bacteria that forms on our teeth uses sugar as their energy bar, therefore making it more powerful. The sugar also helps it stick to the teeth, making impossible for the saliva to wash it away, as what would normally happen.

If your teeth are already stained and need help, you can try these tips to help them regain their health:

It is recommended to keep the brush at a 45 degree angle to properly wash the area where your teeth and gums meet.

Apply cider vinegar is not only a great cleaning help around the house, but it is also great for cleaning stubborn teeth stains, such as coffee stains or nicotine.

You can make a paste out of water and turmeric, charcoal or baking soda to clean your teeth. Use this method at least twice a week. In the other days, you can use regular toothpaste.

Make sure you don’t rub too hard when you brush your teeth. Or you’ll end up harming your gums and bleeding.