How To Use Olive Oil For Cleaning Purposes

Olive oil has multiple purpose in the house cleaning process. For example, it is great for giving shine to furniture and hardwood floors. But it can also be used to clean leather couches, boots, belts or jackets.

Mixed with baking soda, it makes a great scrubbing paste for greasy, burnt pans and oven trays, and the paste can also be used on greasy kitchen cabinets. Of course, it must be thoroughly wiped when finished to avoid making the cabinet greaser than it was.

It rejuvenates wood, therefore you can also use it to wipe your kid’s wooden toys, inside doors, or hardwood cutting boards.

Here’s how to make and use a olive oil furniture polish at home:

  • combine olive oil with white vinegar in a ceramic bowl
  • apply the mixture onto your furniture making sure you don’t rub too hard
  • allow to dry

Another method would be to:

  • combine olive oil with lemon juice in a bowl
  • add a few drops of lavender or orange essential oil
  • apply onto the furniture using a microfiber cloth and allow to dry

Here’s a wooden floor cleaner recipe that will clean and give shine, as well:

  • warm water
  • 4 spoons of olive oil
  • one cup of lemon juice

Here are some of the most popular natural ingredients which you can combine and use to clean your home, besides olive oil (it will also help you get an idea about what you can clean by mixing them with olive oil):

  • White Vinegar: cuts grease, deodorizes, and disinfects
  • Essential oils: helps freshen the air and gets rid of bad odors
  • Lemon juice: disinfects, and whitens and also cuts grease
  • Castile Soap: lifts dirt and cuts grease
  • Baking Soda: deodorizes, lifts dirt, cuts grease and whitens.