How To Clean Roller Skates

To clean your roller skates, you need to know EXACTLY how they work and where everything goes. Because, if you want to really clean and care for them, you have to get the wheels and the bearings out.

It would be best to check out some YouTube tutorials on how to disassemble and put together your skates, before attempting to clean them.

Here’s how you clean roller skates:

First of all, you have to get the wheels out. Then, you have to get the bearings out and clean them. It is dangerous to let dirt accumulate inside the bearings because your skates’ wheels can get stuck and forcibly stop while you’re speed skating and throwing you on the hard pavement, injuring you.

After cleaning the bearings, you have to oil them.

You also need to soak the wheels in soapy water. No matter what the material is, the soaking time needs to be at least 15 minutes. You can also use baking soda in the soaking water. You can, as well make a paste of some baking soda and little water and use it for scrubbing.

Rinse and dry everything up. Put the skates together and now you have some very clean rollers.

If you own roller skates with laces, you can soak and wash those, as well, in the soaking water. If they show any sign of thinning, replace them. It is the first safety rule, when it comes to roller skating.

As for the inside of the skates, the “socks”, you can easily wash them in the washing machine. To get rid of any odor, use baking soda. Soak in a water-baking soda mixture and then wash.
How to clean roller skates