How To Clean Your Bird’s Cage

Birds are gentle creatures and very sensitive to the surrounding environment they live in. That means that is it very important to keep a clean and healthy environment for them to be safe and happy.

You should never clean your bird’s cage with cleaners such as chlorine or any hard chemical that smells. Also if it is harmful for you, it is harmful for them, so don’t use it.

Moreover, you should not use anything but water on the cage, when washing it. Just use your shower at full capacity and make sure you use hot water.

If you need to use liquid soap or shampoo to get rid of the smell, make sure you rinse the cleaning agent off completely before wiping the cage dry and putting your bird inside again.

The best way to clean it and get rid of the smell is to use a mixture made of sodium bicarbonate and plain water. You can use this mixture to scrub the hardened poop. However, make sure you rinse that thoroughly, as well.

Do not use any chemical agent on the bird water or food containers. As I said, they’re sensitive beings and will smell it. It could refuse to eat and die, eventually.

You can also submerge the bottom of the cage (usually that can be removed) in a container filled with hot water to soften the deposits and easily rinse them off.

Make sure you wipe all the water off before placing the bird inside again.

Place a clean piece of paper towel on the removable bottom of the cage to easily clean it next time. You just throw that away (that will contain most of the deposits), rinse the cage as instructed above and you will clean the cage in no time.
How to clean your bird's cage to avoid giving it health issues