How To Clean Your Colon To Achieve Weight Loss

Most people have unanimously said that they feel better and lighter after trying various colon cleansing methods. This is because a clean colon equals a healthy body and a sexy figure.

But why does your colon’s health influence your weight?

An average person can carry around up to five pounds or more of “waste” in their colon. You should, however, talk to your doctor before trying to adopt any of the colon cleansing diets out there. Everyone is unique and each person reacts differently to this.

Although, colon cleansing is a good thing for you, doing it for a long period of time or doing it wrong, can cause a series of health problems, including dehydration, bowel perforations or infections.

Therefore, make sure you choose the best method for you and your body, to clean your colon.

The best method to get rid of that “waste” deposit in your colon is to eat a lot of fiber, which you can find in: cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

Another way to clean your colon, aside of eating healthy, is to drink healthy. Meaning that you can only “eat” liquid food. Everything you eat must first fit in a straw. This is the method which can actually get you in trouble if used for too long. Make sure you don’t have colon issues, before starting it.

There are also two colon cleansing methods which have caused controversies recently, and these are: eating only apples or only carrots. That is just poor eating, in my opinion. And only eating one thing, cannot be good for you. Our bodies need lots of minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. And they can be found in various foods, not just one category.

You can also use ginger to clean your colon. Drink tea made out of it for breakfast and every time you feel the need to drink soda.