How To Clean Your Liver To Prevent Health Problems

Stress and pollution have got us walking around always feeling tired and looking weary. If you add drinking and smoking to that, let’s just say that your liver isn’t going to be happy in time. You can see the effects of an unhappy lever on your skin or when you are doing your blood tests.

The good thing about the liver is that it is the only organ in our body which can regenerate with a little bit of help from our part. We can give it a hand by not smoking any more, sleeping at a convenient house, and taking less medicine (avoid taking pills for everything), and when I say that I mean not even for head aches which can pretty much be vanished by taking a nap or by drinking a cup of coffee. However, if the head ache is due to high blood pressure, drinking coffee may not be a great idea. Resting your head on the desk, for example, if you’re at work, could do wonders.

Also, make sure you introduce good food in your diet and get rid of fast food. Fast food is a hazard for your liver and your figure, as well. Try to eat more raw veggies and fruits, boiled if your colon or stomach doesn’t approve of raw, or baked in the over, with none or a small amount of oil.

Also, keep it simple. Less salt, sugar or condiments as possible.

Drink water. Eat whole grains. And try to drink less coffee as possible. You can instead drink types of tea high in caffeine such as black tea or green tea.

Green coffee is also great for cleansing your body and it is also great for weight loss. As so it is ginger and avocado, or beet juice.