How To Deep Clean Your House Cleaning Tools

Cleaning the entire house can really be in vain if your cleaning utensils  are not clean. So, to keep a germ-free home firstly you need to take care of your cleaning tools or utensils.

It’s not enough to just rinse the mop, or put the broom in its place, or just squeeze out the water from your dish sponge. That only gets you rid of the germs from the surface.

To clean and deodorize the mop you can fill the mop bucket with hot water half way and sprinkle some baking soda in. Swirl the mop in the water for a few times. Now, drop some liquid detergent in and swirl again. Generously rinse to complete the mop cleaning process.

However, after a while, if you notice that this does not do the job any more, you have to replace the mop head.

You have to wash your broom after every use. You can do that by filling the mop bucket half way with hot water and detergent, swirling around the broom inside the bucket and generously rinsing.

To clean your dust rag, just wash it with water and a small quantity of dish washing liquid or laundry detergent. You can use laundry softener to keep it easy to handle and dusting-efficient.

To sanitize you dish sponge, use the microwave. Please keep in mind that this is to be used only for normal dish sponges, made out of sponge. Do not put plastic or metal or any other material in the microwave.

To do this, the sponge must be wet, or better yet, to be safe, submerged in water. Otherwise it could catch fire and nobody wants that.

Just place the sponge in a microwave-proof recipient, fill it in water and microwave for one minute. After getting the recipient out, do not try to handle the sponge or worse, squeezed it. You will burn your hand. Sprinkle some baking soda in and leave it for a few minutes to cool down. Get the sponge out, rinse it and make sure you thoroughly squeeze all the water you can get out. Germs love humidity.How to deep clean and disinfect your house cleaning tools