How To Sanitize Baby’s Bottle Teats Or Chewing Toys

Babies discover the world around them by tasting and putting in their month everything they can find. This is absolutely normal and as a new mom you know you need to let them do that. You job is to make this discovering game a safe one. So, you need to sanitize everything your baby is using from baby bottle teats to any chewing toys.

The reason why everything needs to be squeaky clean around the baby is because their immune system is not fully developed. So, you as a new mommy need to take care of the germs until that happens.

Until their immune system kicks in, they’re prone to diseases and illnesses, especially during the first year of their life.

How to sanitize/sterilize baby teats and chewing toys?

The answer is hot boiling water. However, watch out for chemicals that are released from plastic or rubber when heated. Check the label on the chemical components of your baby’s bottle.

Glass bottles are considered to be healthier and easier to sterilize than plastic ones.

ALWAYS sterilize newly bought bottles.

If your baby has been sick, you should throw the bottle away. Or sterilize it before feeding him/her, every time.

Nowadays, mothers can find electric steamers which can make their lives easier. These products helps not only sterilizes the baby’s bottle, but also gets rid of unwanted odor, if there is any.

There are also microwave steam sterilizers which do the same thing. And you can also use a regular microwave, but it needs to be cleaned prior to placing the baby bottle inside. There must not be any food remains inside.

As I said, you can also boil the bottle. You just need a large pot, place the bottle(s) and rubber nipples inside and completely cover them with water. To avoid cracking the glass bottle, make sure you put everything in while the water is cold to give the bottle the chance to rise its temperature gradually, along with the water.

Get yourself a drying rack. Use a pair of tongs to get everything out of the boiling water and on to the drying rack and leave them to cool.

After cooling, you can use them as usual.