How To Properly Clean Your Skateboard

Properly cleaning your skateboard means that you know exactly how it works. And that means that you have to learn how to dismember it and put it back together and know the role of each piece.

You need to know how the bearings and wheels work. To do that you can look it up on the internet or watch a YouTube tutorial and do it step by step along with the person doing the tutorial.

If you want to clear your skateboard like a pro, follow the steps below.

  • Gather everything you need and keep it at a reach distance. What you need is: wrench, wrench bits, towel or paper towel, dish/bowl or any kind of container, cooking oil
  • Remove the wheels and reveal the bearings. This is when you need your wrench to unscrew the bolts
  • Get the bearings off, carefully but firmly
  • Use the cooking oil to help get the bearings out. Just put a little bit around
  • Fill a dish with cooking oil, sunflower or olive oil, or whichever oil you use for your cooking and submerge the bearings
  • Do not use water to clean your bearings or they will rust
  • Clean the dirt and sand off of the bearings using a brush. You can use an old makeup brush or you can also use cotton swabs
  • Wipe the excess oil off of the bearings and start re-assembling the skateboard
  • Readjust and tighten any loosen screw, anywhere on your skateboard
  • Wipe the whole surface of the skateboard with a wet tissue and immediately with a dry cloth
  • You’re all set and your skateboard is now clean and ready to be ridden