How To Remove Paint Stains Of Various Surfaces

No one likes to have to deal with paint stains. Especially when they seam to be impossible to get out. But, depending on the material they’re on, there just might be something to do about it. You just need to follow some simple removal tips to get rid of these spots.

For example, if your floor is made of ceramic tiles, you can easily get the paint stain off by scraping it. Or you can even use a small amount of paint thinner to wipe it off.

If we’re talking about wood flooring, you can try to gently scrape it and wipe with a very small amount of paint thinner and a soft cloth. You may need to varnish the affected area after cleaning the paint stain off, due to the fact that paint thinner dilutes varnish, as well.

If you got paint on your shoes or clothes, you can try to freeze the stained item and then break the stain in as many pieces as possible and the gently pull the pieces off. Or use oil to wipe it.

If you got paint on your wall, the only thing to do it to scrape the stain off and then reapply whatever color your wall is on the affected portion.

If you get paint on your door, you can try to take it off by wiping it with a super small amount of paint thinner on a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work you just have to gently scrape it off using a non-sharp utensil. You can use a wooden spoon or a plastic scrape or any piece of plastic. You cannot use a knife or anything sharp or you will end up leaving scratched on you door, regardless of the material it’s made of.