Prevent Nails Infection With A Clean Mani-Pedi

We all love mani-pedis. Who doesn’t? Even men love them, they just don’t admit it. A clean manicure is your business card especially when first meeting someone. But what do you need o keep in mind to do a proper and clean mani-pedi?

The first rule in preventing nail infection, when doing your own manicure or pedicure is to avoid cutting those cuticle too short. You shouldn’t cut them at all, actually. You should only use a bamboo mani-pedi stick and push them downwards.

Depending on the nail shape and profession, each person must have their manicure and pedicure, but especially manicure, done especially for them. When I say that, I mean that if you’re working on a computer, in an office, you should get your nails strengthened and you should use something tougher than regular nail polish, due to all the typing. UV gel or semi-permanent nail polish should keep things under control and your nails looking good. These types of people usually do not need their cuticles and corners cut.

For those who work in an environment filled with dust, the cuticles are better to be cut. This is because your skin will get more dry than the skin of an average person. So, if you work as a maid or in a warehouse is better to cut your cuticle. Also, if your working gear includes tough boots, this could complicate an ingrown nail corner. Therefor, is better to cut them as a prevention.

Make sure you keep hand cream in your purse and that you, at least on weekends, soak your feet in warm water with baking soda and use cream on and in between the toes.
How to do a clean mani pedi to prevent nail infection

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